Time, experience and skills.  Those are three of the most important factors you must consider when hiring a car accident lawyer in South Carolina or a workers’ compensation lawyer in South Carolina.

Time.  You do not want a lawyer who is busy spending more time thinking about their next TV commercial or billboard than your own case.  You want a lawyer who spends that time fighting for you while working in the office or in a courtroom.  You want a lawyer who doesn’t need to take on 150 to 200 or more cases at a time in order to cover the costs of those TV commercials and billboards.  You want a lawyer who has the time to talk to you, learn about you and your injuries, and build up your case to argue to the insurance company or jury.  The Dayson & Shalabi Law Firm takes great pride in being an honest and aggressive law firm who are more interested in spending more time fighting for their clients than getting more clients with TV commercials and billboards.

Experience.  You want a lawyer who is not afraid to be in the courtroom.  Insurance companies take notice of those who are not afraid to go to court and those who are.  Attorneys Ramie Shalabi and Curtis Dayson are not afraid to take a case to court.  They have gone before South Carolina Judges and Workers’ Compensation Commissioners hundreds of times on behalf of their clients.  They have recovered over $10,000,000.00 in just the last few years for their clients.  They have the experience necessary to take on insurance companies and their lawyers.

Skills.  Third, you want a lawyer who has the ability and skills needed to present your case in a clear and convincing way.  Very few types of lawyers have spent more time in a courtroom than state prosecutors. Attorneys Curtis Dayson and Ramie Shalabi are both former state prosecutors in South Carolina.  They represented the State of South Carolina in front of countless Judges from all around the state.  During that time, they developed trial skills that they use not only during a jury trial but also during mediations and hearings.  Having a lawyer with those skills is extremely important when looking for a lawyer who will fight for the justice you deserve after a car accident or an injury on the job.