Tractor trailers and big trucks are needed to keep the economy going as they transport merchandise, supplies and construction equipment from one part of the country to another.  However, they also cause some of the worst accidents with severe, life-changing injuries due to their sheer size and the speed at which they travel.

When an 18-wheeler causes an accident, their company’s lawyers and their insurance company lawyers sometimes arrive at the scene of the accident to start working on the truck driver’s defense.  Even when they don’t go to the scene of the accident, you can almost be guaranteed that they start working on behalf of the truck driver and the truck driving company almost right away. The truck accident attorneys at Dayson Shalabi Burkett are ready to take them on.  Call a Columbia truck accident lawyer at the Dayson Shalabi Burkett at 803-973-0304 or a Charleston truck accident lawyer at 843-388-3368.