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Millions of people suffer dog bite injuries each year. Unfortunately, these injuries can sometimes happen to children. Dog bites can result in puncture wounds, bruises, nerve damage, and permanent scarring. They can also cause long-lasting emotional trauma and distress. 

Dog owners must be responsible for their dogs. That’s where Dayson Shalabi Burkett Law Firm, LLC, can potentially help out dog bite victims. Depend on our team of dog bite personal injury lawyers to help ensure that a dog’s owner is held responsible.

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Understanding Laws for Dog Owners in South Carolina

South Carolina law dictates that a dog owner is responsible for their dogs, including any injuries or deaths this animal may cause. Under Section 47-3-110 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, a dog’s owner or person caring for this dog at the time of a bite is liable for damages suffered by the person who was bitten.

Also, South Carolina is a strict liability state regarding dog bites. That means that a dog’s owner doesn’t have to be negligent for you to be able to recover money from a personal injury dog bite settlement.

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Dog Bite Levels

As dog bite personal injury lawyers, we know that dog bites exist at varying levels. As the levels get higher, the severity of a dog bite and the injuries they cause typically worsen.

  • Level 1: This level applies to aggressive behavior from a dog. However, a dog’s teeth never contact your skin in this case. Such a minor incident will not likely require representation from a dog bite personal injury lawyer unless the dog’s aggression led to you falling and/or injuring yourself.
  • Level 2: This level of contact occurs when a dog’s teeth make contact with your skin but don’t puncture it. If a dog’s teeth nick your skin, and the mark is less than one-tenth of an inch deep, it’s likely a level 2 bite. A level 2 bite applies when canine teeth move forward or laterally against your skin.
  • Level 3: Level 3 dog bite cases in Columbia, SC, occur when one to four of a dog’s teeth puncture your skin at a depth deeper than half the length of this dog’s teeth.
  • Level 4 includes dog bites resulting in one to four punctures from a single bite. At least one puncture must go deeper than half the length of a dog’s teeth. If the dog who bit you held on during their bite or caused lacerations by shaking its head while biting you, it may also qualify as a level 4 bite.
  • Level 5: A level 5 dog bite can only occur when a dog bites you at least two times, inflicting at least two bites that cause level 4 damage. Level 5 dog bites apply when you’re bitten more than once, with at least one level 4 bite happening during each incident.
  • Level 6: A level 6 dog bite results in the victim’s death. In this situation, someone often seeks out a dog bite personal injury lawyer on behalf of the deceased person.

As experienced dog bite attorneys, we know that a dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance sometimes pays for damages caused by a dog bite or attack. It also does not matter if the dog has never bitten anyone else before you. You are still entitled to compensation.

A dog who appears angry could result in someone needing help from a dog bite personal injury lawyer.

Why Should You Choose Dayson Shalabi Burkett Law Firm, LLC?

You have options when it comes to dog bite personal injury lawyers. That’s why we want you to understand what differentiates us from other firms. We are a team of lawyers experienced with taking on dog bite cases in Columbia, SC.

Our experience helps ensure the best potential outcome for your situation, which could result in you receiving a personal injury dog bite settlement. Our clients trust us to provide personalized attention that larger firms often find difficult.

Plus, our firm doesn’t receive any payment unless you win your case or receive a settlement. This agreement means you don’t pay for our representation if you’re not victorious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As a team of dog-bite personal injury lawyers, Dayson Shalabi Burkett Law Firm, LLC, often receives questions from potential and current clients. Because we receive some questions more than others regarding dog bite cases in Columbia, SC, we wanted to include the answers to frequently asked questions about dog bites.

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How much compensation can you receive for a dog bite?

Unfortunately, predicting the exact compensation you may receive after a dog bite is impossible. Personal injury dog bite settlements are often based on the severity of someone’s injuries. For instance, a dog bite that resulted in amputation would typically have a higher potential payout than one that resulted in a few stitches.

Who pays for dog bites?

Sometimes, a dog owner may have insurance covering dog bites. If not, the dog’s owner is typically held responsible for paying damages.

Is it the owner’s fault if a dog bites?

In most cases, it’s the fault of a dog’s owner if their animal bites someone. That’s because it’s the right of a dog owner to have and maintain control of their animal.

Can you sue for a dog bite in SC?

Yes. Many people in this situation also consult with a dog bite personal injury lawyer for assistance in forming their case. However, there is an exception to this dog bite-related rule. If you provoke a dog and get bit, you wouldn’t have grounds for a valid dog bite case in Columbia, SC.

What is the statute of limitations regarding dog bites in South Carolina?

You have three years from when your dog bite happened in South Carolina to file a lawsuit.

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Free Consultations for Dog Bite Cases in Columbia, SC

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