The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act entitles employees to certain benefits when they are injured on the job.  You do not have to be at the actual worksite for your injury to be covered under workers’ compensation.  Also, workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system meaning no one has to be negligent in order for someone who was injured on the job to receive workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina.

If you are covered under workers’ compensation, here are some benefits you may be entitled to under the law:

  • Payment of medical expenses;
  • Payment for mileage driven to and from medical appointments;
  • Payment for prescriptions
  • Compensation for visible scars in certain circumstances;
  • Two-thirds of your average weekly wage while you are unable to work;
  • The different in pay if you are working less hours or receiving less pay as a result of your work restrictions; and
  • Money award to pay you for a permanent injury.

Examples of accidents that could be covered under workers’ compensation include the following:

  • Lifting an object;
  • Slipping on or tripping over an object;
  • Car accident while working;
  • Chemical spills;
  • Repetitive trauma;
  • Twisting injury

While an employee cannot sue their employer for a work accident, there are times where the attorneys at Dayson & Shalabi Law Firm, LLC can pursue a second claim (third party claim) against a third party that was negligent.  Common examples include when an employee is driving for work and another vehicle hits that employee’s vehicle and causes the employee to get hurt.  That employee can pursue a claim against his employer but also a claim against the at-fault driver.  Another example is when a factory worker injures his or her hand due to a defective machine that is made by another company (not made by the employer).  That employee can receive benefits under workers’ compensation while still pursuing another claim against the manufacturer of the defective machine.

The Charleston and Columbia workers’ comp attorneys at Dayson & Shalabi Law Firm, LLC will help make sure you get every benefit and dollar you are entitled to under the law in South Carolina.  You cannot always rely on the insurance company to provide you with everything you deserve.  Their job is to look out for themselves, not for you.  We are here to help and fight for you.  Call us for a free workers’ compensation consultation at 803-973-0304.