Why did we want to partner up with each other?

We basically had the same goals and felt the same way about how to go about in achieving them.  Our goal was simple: to build a law firm where we get the best possible outcome for our clients.   That’s easy to say and almost every law firm will also say that’s their goal.  What separates us is our agreement on how to achieve that: giving 100% effort and dedication to each and every client which means we’re never taking on more than what we’re capable of handling.  If we take on a case, you will get either one of us who will handle your case from start to finish.  We don’t thrive on quantity and getting as many clients as possible.  We thrive on quality and providing dedicated representation to you.  In other words, we will never be too busy for you.

From a personal standpoint, we have similar backgrounds.  We both grew up in middle-class households and worked for everything we have our entire lives.  We both started working when we were teenagers and haven’t stopped since.   We even worked while we were in law school.  Our work ethic carries over to our legal careers.  We took pride in getting in to the office early and leaving late.  We both become personally invested in your cases.   

Taking those things into account, we knew our clients would be better served by us working together.  It was a no-brainer.  So far, our results have proven that.

How do we two working together help our clients?

You never want too many cooks in the kitchen.  Quality is more important than quantity.  That said, it’s always great to have a partner who share the same ideals but can also contribute in different ways.  We both started out as prosecutors out of law school.  While there, we gained trial experience while representing the state of South Carolina.  We worked and practiced law at the courthouse every day.  After getting great trial experience, we went our different ways.  Ramie went on to start representing insurance companies.  Curtis jumped straight into representing individuals.  Since then, Ramie left the insurance defense law firm to start representing people.  We both use our different experiences to collaborate on our clients’ cases together.   We have also built networks in two of the largest regions in South Carolina: Columbia and the surrounding midlands area and Summerville/Charleston and the lowcountry which is important when building our clients’ cases.

Being in two different cities, how do you work together and is that an advantage for clients?

First off, we talk to each other every day, multiple times a day about our clients’ cases. Technology is great and we take advantage of it every day. We have the ability to access our files from anywhere in the world.  Also, while Ramie is based out of Columbia and Curtis in Summerville, we both travel to the other location to meet clients.   It allows us to have better access to clients and clients to have access to us.  Having offices in Columbia and Summerville allows us to represent people not only in those two cities but also in Aiken, Rock Hill, Sumter, Florence, Goose Creek, Charleston, Lake City, Moncks Corner, Kingstree and other areas.  As mentioned earlier, having offices in two cities expands our network which helps us to better represent our clients.