Always call the police.  The police will document the accident and write a report for you.  If you do not call the police, there will be no official record of the accident and the at-fault driver could dispute the entire accident.  It will then be your word against the word of the at-fault driver.  This makes things more difficult and time consuming.

You should also get medical care at an emergency room as quickly as possible.  You should go the same day or the next day at the latest.  You need to get checked out to make sure you are okay.  Oftentimes, there is so much adrenaline after an accident that you do not realize you have been hurt.  After going to the ER, you should follow up with your doctor within a few days.  If you are out of work, you should ask the doctor to write you a doctor’s excuse.  This will help your attorney get you reimbursed for your lost wages from the insurance company.

If you are able, take pictures of the damage to your car from a few different angles.  If you are able to move around at the scene of the accident, take pictures of the actual accident and the damage to the other vehicle as well.

After that, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  You will need someone who will preserve the evidence and obtain additional evidence, if necessary.  Having a lawyer early on ensures that things go smoothly in the beginning so that a case can be made for you later.  If you were injured from the negligence of someone else on the road, you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries and damages.  Call the Columbia and Charleston car accident lawyers at Dayson & Shalabi Law Firm, LLC to see how we can help you get the justice you deserve.